Calgary Plumbing:Types of Plumbers in Calgary

Calgary Plumbing:Types of Plumbers in Calgary

Plumbers in Calgary all do a few broad things: we maintain and install piping systems necessary for drinking, drainage and sewage for domestic and commercial use. (There are also plumbers who work in remodelling and construction, but they are considered part of a different line of professionals). Within our range of plumbers, there are two types which are ‘In and Out techs’ and ‘Up-sellers’. The pay structure of these two types of plumbers may overlap at times, but they are generally different and furthermore, the different types of plumbers have different work types. Knowing about the two different types of plumbers in Calgary is useful because you can choose the right type for your plumbing needs, so let’s take a look!


Up-sellers are excellent plumbers when you need help with your domestic plumbing needs. However, they also have some things about them which you must watch for. In order to save money and still have your needs taken care of, you should be aware of these realities.

First of all, most of these plumbers work on commission so they tend to charge more. Many of these types of plumbers actually own their own company. All of this means that up-seller plumbers are more expensive than the in and out techs, though they also do very good work for their money.

Up-sellers aren’t named such without reason. These types of plumbers are extremely thorough in their work and while that means they do a good job, it also means that they are more than willing to tell you about all of the different options available to not only fix a plumbing problem but prevent it from happening again. This sounds good on the surface, but it may hard to afford the solution and furthermore, many people don’t quite understand how their plumbing operates and so simply follow what their plumber says. Up-sellers offer solutions to possible problems not only to help you, but also to get a higher paycheck and some unscrupulous plumbers will try to sell you as much as possible by confusing clients with options to fix their plumbing. This is why it’s important to choose a plumber you can trust so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by slick talk.

It is a good idea to know of potential problems that could occur with your plumbing, but if you don’t feel comfortable with paying more money for a solution, you can always say ‘good bye’ to these plumbers and instead try for in and out techs.

In and Out Techs

In and out techs are troubleshooters. They find the best way to solve your plumbing problem, solve it, charge you and move on. Most of these plumbers are actually charged by the hour and sometimes get extra incentives for taking care of X number of calls. Plumbers are paid per billable hour, so they get paid for a minimum of one hour. If your plumber finishes up in less time, they may do more work on your system in order to fill out the hour, meaning you may get a little more done on your system than you figured on getting.

In and out techs are best used when your problem has a quick fix or you don’t want to be badgered with more solutions. Furthermore, you get an hourly price quote in advance so you have a good idea of how much the fix will cost you before you even call in a plumber, making it easier to form a budget.

There are some things to keep in mind with in and out techs though. First, they tend to only specialize in a few areas, so you have to find the right plumber for your fix. Sometimes they aren’t very professional with keeping your home clean. Finally, they tend to opt for a quick fix so that they can move on to the next job.

Choosing between the two types of plumbers is mostly a matter of what you want done. If you can find the right up-seller plumber, then it’s nice to have a problem fixed and stay fixed for a long time. If you are worried about being cheated or worried about your budget, then hire an in and out tech for your needs. Take careful stock of your plumbing needs and hire the right plumber in Calgary.

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