Calgary Plumbing:Taking Care of Your Garbage Disposal

Calgary Plumbing:Taking Care of Your Garbage Disposal

Canadians make a lot of garbage. In fact, it’s estimated that as a nation, we dump 30 million tonnes of garbage a year! Sheesh! But thanks to things like recycling, garbage disposals and compost, you can greatly decrease the amount of garbage which ends up on the curb. The garbage disposal, when used properly, is a great way to get rid of food scraps safely and those scraps can then be disposed of in such a way that it takes up far less space. However, many people do not know how to properly maintain their garbage disposal so that it remains functional for a long time.

A garbage disposal is a system hooked to your sink which grinds up garbage. It’s meant mainly for food scraps like leftovers and chunks of burnt bits in the pot. (Hey, it happens…) The garbage disposal uses very sharp blades to slice up food chunks into fine bits and then crushed into a liquid. The liquid is then put through the sewers like the rest of the waste water. It was created as a way to deal with the fact that food scraps can’t be burned well for energy and simply landfilling it creates methane gas. Garbage disposals are most commonly used in Canada and the U.S., though Sweden and the UK have them as well.

In order to make the most of your garbage disposal, you should keep the following in mind:

  • Only use it to dispose of food waste
  • Run cold water through it while dumping food waste to make sure grease stays broken up
  • Make sure to break up large chunks before throwing them in the garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are fairly sturdy and around 90% of problems can be solved by resetting the system and by making sure you don’t put anything too big in or that isn’t biodegradable. You should also make sure not to put in pasta or rice (they expand when wet and can cause clogs), bones (bones won’t grind well) or coffee grinds (they can accumulate and make a mess.) You should run a few chunks of ice through the system every month to sharpen and scour the blades and if you have odours, put some lemon juice or Borax down the drain

The most common issues with the garbage disposal occur when the garbage disposal won’t grind properly or there’s a clog. If the garbage disposal won’t grind, try resetting the system, looking for a tripped circuit or hand crank it using an Alan Wrench. If you have a clog, you will have to cut the power off to the system and carefully fish out the object using long needle nose pliers or a bent coat hook. Never put your hands down there or you may end up losing it!

If your garbage disposal is still acting up, you may have to call for professional assistance to get it fixed.


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