Calgary Plumbing:Five Common Flange Problems

Calgary Plumbing:Five Common Flange Problems

Hello everyone, Kyle here and we’re back to the flange. The flange is the invisible part of the toilet and arguably one of the most important bits, even though we don’t think much of it. The flange is the part of the toilet which connects it to the waste pipes and while it is usually fairly sturdy, it can crack and break, causing several problems. Here are the top five common problems related to your flange.

Leaky Toilet

If you have leaks around the base of your toilet, odds are that you have a broken flange. The issue here is going to either be the flange or the wax ring around the flange which is there to force water down the pipes. You may need either a replacement flange or a replacement wax ring. A leaky toilet is the most common flange problem; most toilets will have this problem at some point.

Rocking Toilet

You want a rocking chair to rock; you want your toilet to stay still! A rocking toilet is usually caused by the bolts fastening the toilet to the flange being damaged or loose. Although a rocking toilet can be solved by tightening the bolts connecting it to the floor, you will want to check on the flange because a rocking toilet will damage your flange and it will probably have to be replaced.

Cracked Flange

Flanges can crack over time. They are well used and over time, they will crack naturally. A rocking toilet can also cause a cracked flange. Cast iron flanges are more likely to crack than plastic ones since they are more brittle than other types of flanges, but any flange will crack over time. A cracked flange must be replaced.

Clogged Flange

You flush and your toilet jams and then overflows! Once you’ve stopped the water and mopped up the mess, you have to figure out where the jam is. The flange can be easily clogged by things like hair, toys and other things and this causes your toilet to back up. Fortunately, if this happens to you, all you have to do is pull up the toilet and remove the clog from the flange.

Wrong Length of Flange

This will only come up if you’ve done some new flooring. New flooring can make the floor higher and that will muck up the length of the flange. When doing floor renovations, don’t forget to change the flange to fit properly or you’ll end up with leaks all over your work. You can either use a toilet plate to raise the toilet to the right level or use extenders to make the flange higher, depending on whether the new floor is lower or higher.

As you can see, flange problems are fairly common and simple to deal with, so long as you aren’t afraid to move your toilet and get a little dirty! It’s important to deal with any flange issues as soon as possible or you could end up with far more expensive and time consuming problems. Take care of your toilet and it will keep working for you for a long time.

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