Calgary Plumbing:Eco-Friendly Bathrooms

Calgary Plumbing:Eco-Friendly Bathrooms

Look, the controversy over global warming, water conversation and environmental issues will probably never end, but at least here in Calgary, we know the importance of water and how lucky we are to live in a country with so much fresh water. Why waste all that water when we don’t have to? And even if you think the fuss over water conservation is hokum, why not save money on your energy bills and even gets rebates for installing energy conscious appliances in your home? Nowadays, these things are just as effective and convenient as the standard appliance and look great too. So with all that in mind, we’re going to spend a post (or possibly a few) on eco-friendly plumbing, starting with the things in your bathroom.

Are Low flush Toilets Disgusting?

It used to be that low flush toilets were a joke and a poor one at that. They didn’t handle ‘loads’ very well and often regurgitated if things got too full because there wasn’t enough water to move everything along. That has ended however. Now low flush toilets are low(er) flush without being too low! They can handle higher levels of waster materials with as much speed as their traditional counterparts and they look nice too, not just like low wide seats! Look for toilets which are certified to be both energy efficient and effective such as the Canadian Standards Association certification and Energy Star.

 No More Low Pressure Showers!

Remember when you tried to be energy efficient in your younger, idealistic days and ended up with a shower that couldn’t rinse you off?


Thank goodness those days are gone! There are a number of shower heads on the market today which, while conserving up to 70% of the water showers used to wipe out, can deliver things like:

  • Adjustable spray patterns
  • Spray pause (for when you’re doing things like lathering your hair)
  • Showerhead restrictors which gives you good pressure without wasting a ton of hot water

Now, you won’t be blasting your hair flat with these showers of course, but there are also no more little mists and sprays either.

 The Sink

There isn’t a lot you can do to make your bathroom sink more water efficient, but you can do things like keep the washers and seals clean and in good shape and check for leaks regularly. Leaking pipes can loose tens of thousands of litres of water in a year and waste a ton of money and resources (plus create breeding grounds for bacteria and mold).You can get faucets which have a slightly lower flow time than the norm, but so long as you don’t leave the faucet running all the time anyway, you don’t generally waste too much water here.

 Renovating to Eco-Friendly Bathrooms? Get Your Money Back!

The Canadian government is interested in helping people ‘go green’ and to that end, there are a number of rebates, tax cuts, and coupons you can track down to help you on your way. For example, if you have retrofitted large parts of your home such as your bathroom or kitchen, you can apply for a grant to cover the costs of eligible appliances, building materials and other things after the renovation is concluded and has been approved. You can get up to $5000 back!

Many provinces also have smaller rebates, such as a portion of money back spent on a new low flush toilet (in BC for example, you can get $65.00 back. In Alberta, you can get $50.00 back).

And of course, you may be eligible for a non-refundable tax credit for striving to make your home more environmentally friendly. The tax credit will vary based on how much work you’ve done and what was done, so talk to your accountant.

On a month to month basis, you’ll also see a bit of money coming back to you in saved energy bills. It may not be much, but it adds up.

So, even if you could care less about water conservation, there are still compelling reasons to make the switch. If you have questions about creating an eco-friendly bathroom in Calgary, feel free to contact Clearview Plumbing and Heating at….



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