Calgary Plumbing: What is Water Jetting?

Calgary Plumbing: What is Water Jetting?

Calgary Plumbing: What is Water Jetting?

There are lots of ways to bust through a clog in your drains. Once upon a time, clogged drains were cleared with smoke or with an auger that would clear enough debris away that the normal flow of water could resume, but there would be debris left and eventually it would breed a clog again. Clogs are also sometimes busted through by using chemical cleaners but these can be hard on your pipes, not to mention the environment. And of course, you can always try manually removing the clog from your pipes by pulling the pipes apart, but if the clog is too far down, this won’t work at all.

A final alternative is water jetting. What is water jetting you ask?

Water jetting is the process by which we here at Clearview use a rush of water up to speeds of 35 gallons a minute to blast the debris apart and down the drain where it belongs! Water jetting is safe on your pipes and the environment, but not safe on those clogs. In total, over 300 gallons of water are blasted into the pipes, clearing debris and clogs and making sure they don’t just breed back again soon after.

One of the main benefits of water jetting, aside from being effective, is that it is affordable. Water jetting is a cheap way to get rid of clogs in your drains without resorting to full blown pipe removals or expensive processes. It’s easy to do, fast, and affordable; what more could you ask for from your plumbing?

If you have clogs and you want a safe, cheap and effective way to bust it, contact Clearview Plumbing and Heating in Calgary for i. We’re available to you 24/7 for emergency and non-emergency service. You can contact us at 403-220-0090.

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