Calgary Plumbing: What do You Need for DIY Plumbing?

Calgary Plumbing: What do You Need for DIY Plumbing?

Hello all from Calgary! In a recent post, I went through some of the factors which should go into your decision for places to shop for DIY plumbing supplies. Today, we’re going to look at what kinds of tools you will want to have on hand for basic plumbing and repair around your home. You certainly don’t have to go all out and get a whole kit, but these basic tools are important to have around if you intend to do a lot of fixing yourself.

  • Pipe Wrench (10 inch AND 14 inch). Pipe wrenches are essential if you are going to be doing a lot of tightening and loosing of pipes. One pipe wrench is used for gripping the pipe and the other is used for tightening and loosening and using both at the same time will give you the best results. You can usually get both of these wrenches for a combined total of up to about $40.00
  • Crescent Wrench. Crescent wrenches are all around useful, though you may use it most often for shutting off your water at your main valves. They are adjustable and some have digital read-outs to tell you exactly how to adjust your wrench to deal with a given bolt or nut. A good crescent wrench rarely costs much more than $25.00
  • Tongue and Groove Pliers. These pliers are used for grabbing, pulling, holding and twisting, as well as some tightening and loosening; they are simple the most versatile tool in your plumbing kit! Both ten and twelve pliers are available and they are usually very affordable at between $10 and $25.00.
  • Hacksaw. A hacksaw can be used to saw through pipes both metal and plastic and through stubborn nuts and bolts. They cost between $15 and $25.00, but you should make sure to have spare blades on hand.
  • Plumber pipe cleaner or plunger (maybe a few of them!). These are used to clear drains of clogs quickly and cleanly, so you’ll use yours a lot! They usually cost between $10.00 and $25.00, so don’t skip out on one just because you’re excited at the idea of pulling apart pipes!
  • Metal files. Metal files are used both to smooth out the edges of cut piping and to remove burrs. They come in two types: rat tail or half coat and either one cost under $12.00.
  • Basin Wrench. Used almost solely to tighten and loosen bolts. They cost about $10.00 to $12.00.
  • Fire retardant cloth. These cloths may seem useless; after all, you’re dealing with water, not fire! But they can be used for cleaning up hazardous and flammable materials as well as for dousing run-away sparks from sawing metal! Cloth like this usually costs about $15.00.

At most, if you were to buy everything on this list, you’d be looking at tool kit which costs you $179 (more if you purchase doubles of items). With this kit, you can be prepared to do things like fix leaky pipes, get rid of clogs in your pipes or drains and do other basic repairs which would normally cost you a hundred dollars, more or less, to get someone else to do. The plumbing kits pays for itself in fairly short order.

Now, we here at Clearview Plumbing and Heating do love your business! But if you can fix the simple things yourself, why not do it and save your plumber for when things are really out of hand? It just makes more sense to save yourself time and money on your plumbing by doing the work yourself.

Of course, if you do have a plumbing disaster, you can contact Clearview Plumbing and Heating any time, day or night, at…. We’ll be glad to help you!

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