Calgary Plumbing: Weirdest Things Flushed Down a Toilet

Calgary Plumbing: Weirdest Things Flushed Down a Toilet

We all know that you flush things like toilet paper down the drain and most of us flush things like condoms, wipes, and other things that are on the prescribed list NOT to flush down, but end up flushed anyway. And of course, if you have children, you’ve probably had toys fished out of the drink by an amused plumber. But the number of things which can and have been flushed down the toilet is a lot longer-and weirder!-than that. What are the weirdest things flushed down a toilet in Alberta and beyond?

Dressing for Success…in Something?

In Plainfield, Illinois, a plumber was called into a commercial building to fix the plumbing in the male washroom. He found the clog easily enough—it was a training bra! Who knows if someone’s girlfriend or wife went in for some naughty time with an employee or if an employee was trying on a new outfit.

Cutting Out the Middleman

In Calgary, Alberta, a plumber was called into a murder investigation. Police suspected than an angry wife had flushed the victim’s penis down the drain!

Sliced and Diced

In 2008, a woman was brought up on murder charges and she disposed the body in one of the most squick worthy ways possible-she sliced up her husband and flushed chunks of him down the toilet and in the garbage disposal. When her children asked where their father was, she allegedly told them exactly where he was! Apparently this was the end of a long string of attempted murders that the husband suffered through-and never reported.


In Vicksburg, MS, plumbers found a historic and dangerous thing in the toilet drains-a civil war cannon shell dating back to 1861. Most worrying? It was still a live cannon shell.

Just Plumb Drunk

In Sacremento California, plumbers pulled up a bunch of miniature liquor bottles which were clogging the system. An employee was drinking on the job and flushed the bottles down the drain in order to hide it.

The only things which should be going the toilet are human excrement and toilet paper, but many people think that the toilet also makes a great place to flush other undesirable things. This often leads to clogs and those things coming back up anyway! If there was a good example of karma (what goes around comes around), the toilet might be it.

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