Calgary Plumbing: Water Jet Drain Unclogging

Water jet drain cleaners are powerful plumbing tools that are specifically designed to unclog the toughest drain clogs. They feature relatively modern drain cleaning technology involving strong water pressure applied in pulses, which differs from traditional drain cleaners. A standard drain cleaning device uses a cable or pipe that simply bores holes through blockages. Cable drain cleaners have a few disadvantages:

1)      Debris is simply broken apart and can re-clog the pipe further down the line.

2)      Self-healing clogs such as grease re-form after being perforated if some material remains.

Water jet cleaners have the following advantages:

1)      Completely flush out all material, preventing further clogs or self-healing.

2)      Use pulse flow, which allows the hose to better maneuver inside pipes.

3)      Clear sand, soap, grease, ice and mud from clogged pipes with ease.

If you have a tough, hard-packed drain clog, or a tenacious self-healing grease clog, the ClearView water jetter will take care of it promptly. Best of all, the high pressure water jet will ensure that you won’t have to worry about leftover material re-clogging your drain.
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