Calgary Plumbing: The Nuisance of Frozen Pipes

Calgary Plumbing: The Nuisance of Frozen Pipes

Calgary winters get cold. Really cold. I know all about it; heck, I’m a native here! And sadly, along with humans freezing, pipes can freeze too! Frozen pipes carry a host of problems-the water won’t run and frozen pipes can even crack and burst. Instead of having to deal with the problem as it occurs, do what you can to prevent this from happening in the first place by properly preparing your home pipes for the cold. I’m going to show you how you can prep your pipes for the next Calgary blast of cold!

When autumn comes around, here are some things to add to your clean-up routine.

  • Detach the garden hoses from your home, roll them up and put them in the shed.
  • Close the stop valve of the pipe or pipes which lead to the faucets outside and then open the faucets and let the last of the water drain.
  • Insulate water pipes which are exposed to freezing temperatures and drain pipes that aren’t in use in the winter.
  • If you have plumbing in your garage, make sure to close the door in the winter and thoroughly insulate pipes in the basement or garage to prevent freezing

However, even these steps may not always be enough to prevent a frozen pipe. If you get a frozen pipe, there are some things you can do to unfreeze your pipes.

  • Leave any cabinet doors under the pipes open to let in heat
  • Allow water to trickle slowly into the basin. This may help to dislodge the frozen spot, but it can also make the problem worse, so be careful.
  • Blow warm air around the water main if possible so that the hot air can travel through the pipes and melt the ice. This may take a while, but it works and is safe for your pipes, so long as you’re careful.
  • Call a plumber to render assistance and ensure that your pipes are still in one piece after its frozen escapades.
  • Insulate your pipes some more!

Frozen pipes are a nuisance at the time and can lead to some expensive repairs if they are not cared for appropriately. Calgary plumbing often sees many a frozen pipe, so it can be fairly common and it is also something that can be dealt with.

Fortunately spring is almost here and that means your pipes should stop freezing! But it also means it’s time to take a look at your plumbing and prepare it for next winter because as we all know, winter comes fast here.

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