Calgary Plumbing: Products to Fix a Toilet Flange

Calgary Plumbing: Products to Fix a Toilet Flange

Hello all, Kyle here from Clearview! You know, toilets are kind of a necessary nuisance. When they’re working fine, we don’t think much about them. When they break down, it’s a catastrophe! Of all the toilet disasters to occur, a malfunctioning flange is regarded as one of the more disastrous because replacing much of the broken part of a flange requires pulling up the toilet and working with the pipes exposed underneath-a slightly smelly and nerve-wracking job. However, there are ways to make the job easier. If the problem lies with the part of the flange that bolts the toilet down and rests on the floor, these products can be used to replace the busted part. If the problem is further down, you’ll probably have to call for help.

Push In Toilet Flange Replacement


I think this is a pretty cool piece of hardware. If your upper flange is cracked or damaged, you can replace it with this thing. It’s a replacement flange which fits into the pipe and provides a new base to bolt the toilet on. They are usually made from cast iron or plastic and fit 4” diameter piping. (You can get 3” diameter flange replacements, but they’re not legal here in the north because they reduce pipe size). Push in toilet flange replacements cost anywhere between $10.00 and $40.00, depending on what it’s made from and where you purchase it.

Super Ring Flange Repair


The Super Ring flange repair is a simple way to repair a broken flange with no fuss. The ring is made from flexible metal and can be bolted over the broken flange, anchored in (if you like) and then you just put the toilet back. Simple and effective. The Super Ring flange repair usually costs less than $20.00.



I’m less sure about this thing, simply because the Super Ring flange seems more efficient, but here goes. The Fix-a-Flange is one part of a super ring which is only bolted over the broken portion of the flange instead over the whole old flange. If only one part of your flange is damaged, but the rest is still sound, this can provide a fix. The Fix-a-flange costs less than $10.00 usually, so it’s a cheap alternative to other flanges and definitely to a plumber!

Now, keep in mind that these products will only help you if the problem is where the toilet bolts to the pipes. If you have leaks or damage further in the pipes, you’ll have to call for a plumber to help you get it fixed. However, if the problem is a leaky toilet stemming from a broken flange, these are certainly far cheaper alternatives.

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