Calgary Plumbing: Leaks in your home

Calgary Plumbing: Leaks in your home 

Last week was Fix a Leak Week—at least in the States. Fix a Leak Week is a week in around the middle of March (this year March 12-18) where Americans are reminded of the amount of water wasted through leaks in the home and how easy it is to conserve this water so that it is no longer wasted. And hey, I think Fix a Leak Week is a pretty good idea! Canadians have no idea by and large how fortunate they are to have a ready supply of water and how much water is wasted every year by leaks. So let’s take a look at our leaky taps!

How Much Water is Wasted Through Leaks?

We waste a lot more water than we may think through those little leaks that are so annoying to repair. A leaky toilet can waste a whopping 400 liters of water a day—that’s 200 2 liter pop bottles! A leaky faucet can waste up to and beyond 5000 liters a year. That’s a lot of pop! And of course if you have more than one leaky faucet or toilet, the number will go up accordingly.

If every Canadian had just one leaky toilet, we would waste over one hundred million liters of water a year! Yikes!

 It’s Easy to Stop the Leak

It is so easy to stop your home from leaking; all you have to do is fix the leak! In most cases, leaky faucets are caused by a worn out seal which needs to be replaced or at least cleaned. In the case of a toilet, much of the leaking is caused by a broken flapper which can be replaced with ease or a float arm that won’t ‘float’ quite right and also needs to be replaced or at least mended. Both leaky faucets and toilets can generally be fixed with just an hour or two and a few dollars of work; the sole exception being a toilet leak stemming from beneath the toilet. This requires a few hours of work and sometimes up to around one hundred dollars to repair, which is still a far cry from the amount of money lost through high water bills, mold repairs and other issues.

So, although we are not Americans, join them in their Fix a Leak Week anytime! Fixing the leaks in your home saves water, saves on the water bills, and can prevent damage to your home. It’s easy and affordable to do and has so many benefits to you and your family.

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