Calgary Plumbing: How to Install a Bathroom Toilet

Calgary Plumbing: How to Install a Bathroom Toilet

Hello everyone, Kyle here in the DIYer corner again. As much as we here at Clearview in Calgary love to provide assistance to all those who need help with their plumbing and heating, we also know that many people want to try and do some things for themselves; either to save money or to get that sense of pride you can get from really creating something from the ground up. In this case, it’s your bathroom! Much of a bathroom can be done by a keen DIYer and today we’re going to look at the bathroom toilet. The toilet is arguably the simplest bathroom installation; it only requires some simple tools, a bit of heavy lifting and voila! If you’re nervous about doing bathroom work on your own, start with the bathroom and our guide to how to install toilet. Here we go!

Drain your old toilet tank and turn off the water main. Pull up your old toilet by unbolting it from the floor and lifting it clear. Toss it away or recycle it or use it as an interesting conversation piece in the living room.

Once you’ve exposed the flange-the top of the pipe which connects the toilet to the pipe-clean it up. The flange will likely have dirt, rust, grime, sticky gunk and all manner of things which must be scraped off so that it will have a good seal to the new toilet. You can also take this opportunity to see if it has any wear and tear or is broken; if so, you’ll have to replace it. When the flange is ready to go, put the flange bolts back in place with their threads facing upwards. The bolts should be at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions.

 Ok, open up your new toilet bowl and gloat over it for a minute. You know you want to; I’ll wait.

Done? Now you’ll have to turn it over so that you can see the very bottom of it. Apply a thin rim of plumber’s putty to the bottom and press the wax ring into place, aligning it so that it encircles the exit in the toilet bottom. Then call a buddy and have him or her help you lift the toilet bowl up and place it carefully on the flange. Make absolutely certain the flange bolt threads are going through the holes in the toilet so that you can bolt everything into place and that outlet with the wax ring lines up with the closet flange on the floor. Once everything is lined up, press the toilet down to seal the wax and the putty. I suggest sitting or even standing on it to be sure. Hey, when else can you do this?

 Replace the washers over the flange bolts and tighten them.

Next, the tank! Make sure the cone gasket is lined up with the inlet in the bowl so that the water can flow smoothly without drips. Then thread the tank bolts and washers at the bottom of the tank and tighten them. Attach the water supply hose to the valve and the other end of the hose to the tank inlet. Tighten the couplings with pliers. We don’t want drips! You should also make sure to wrap the threads on the water supply hose with plumber’s tape if you’re so inclined to keep drips away.

Turn on the water supply and fill the toilet tank. Flush the toilet and check for leaks. If you find any, tighten the bolts or couplings until the drips stop.

Done! Boiled down, replacing a toilet is mostly a matter of making sure all the bolts line up, the supply line is set up and everything is nicely tightened. It’s really not too terribly hard and can be done by even the most novice DIYer.

Good luck and know that you’ll feel great when it’s all done and you’re able to use the toilet that you installed.

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