Calgary Plumbing: Glossary of Plumbing Terms

Calgary Plumbing: Glossary of Plumbing Terms

ABS or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene – A rigid type of black plastic pipe employed only in case of the drain lines

Access Panel – An available opening in the ceiling or wall close to the fixture which facilitates easy access for servicing of the electrical and / or plumbing system

Adapter – A kind of fitting which unites distinct types of pipes together, for example cast iron pipe to ABS

Clean Out – A type of plug in a drain pipe or trap which provides easy access for easy clearing of an obstruction

Closet Auger – A type of flexible rod that has a curved ending. It is mainly employed for providing easy access to the toilet’s built-in trap and for removal of clogs

Closet Bend – A type of curved fitting which connects the toilet drain and the closet flange

Coupling – A type of fitting which joins two separate pieces of a pipe

CPVC or Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride- A rigid plastic pipe mainly used in the water supply systems, wherever the plumbing code permits.

DWV – An abbreviated form of drain, waste and vent

Elbow – A pipe fitting having two different openings that change the direction of a particular line. It is also known as ell. An elbow is normally available in different types of angles ranging from 22.5° to 90°.

Fall / Flow – The proper pitch or slope of a pipe in order to provide adequate drainage

Fixture – In plumbing terms, a fixture is a type of device which provides supply and / or disposal of water. For example toilets, tubs, sinks etc.

Flux – It is a paste which is used for soldering of metal joints. Flux helps in the soldering process by preventing the occurrence of oxidation process in the joint.

ID – An abbreviated form of inside diameter. All types of pipes are normally sized as per their inside diameters.

OD – An abbreviated form of outside diameter

Polybutylene or PB – A popular and pliable type of putty mostly used in ceiling of joints between the fixture surfaces and drain pieces

PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride – A cream or rigid white colored plastic pipe which is mostly used in non-pressure systems like waste and vent systems

Reducer – A type of fitting which connects different size pipes

Riser – A vertical assembly of pipes and fittings which distributes water in upward direction

Rough-in – The section or portion in a plumbing installation which involves running the waste, vent, drain and water supply lines to the proposed and planned location of every fixture.

Run – In plumbing terms, a run means a secondary or complete section/s of a pipe which extends from the supply line to drain or fixture on to the stack.

Sanitary Fitting – A type of fitting that joins the assorted pipes inside a drain, waste and vent system. It is designed in a manner to facilitate easy passage of even solid materials without causing clogging.

Soil Stack – It is the largest vertical drain line where all the branch waste lines get connected together. A soil stack is what carries all the waste to the sewer line.

Solder – A type of metal alloy which is melted in order to mend or join the metal surfaces. It also refers to the act / process of melting the solder into the joint.

Stop Valve – A valve which controls the water flow to an individual fixture, facilitating the stopping of water supply to a particular fixture without affecting or obstructing the supply of water to the other fixtures.

Tee – A type of fitting in ‘T’ shape which has three different openings, each one used for creation of a branch line

Trap – The curved section in a fixture drain line which is specifically designed in order to hold water, thereby preventing the sewer gases from entering the house

Union – A three-piece fitting which joins two sections of a pipe, however allows their disconnection without making a cut in the pipe. A union is primarily used along with steel pipes, but never in case of a drain, waste and vent system.

Vent Stack – This is the upper portion of a soil stack, right over the topmost fixture via which the odors and gases escape.


A fitting in the shape of a ‘Y,’ having three openings used in the creation of branch lines

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