Calgary Plumbing: Diagnostic Tips

You should always trust a Calgary plumber like ClearView to solve all your plumbing issues. How do you know when it’s time to call us? You need to be able to diagnose a problem before it turns into a major disaster. Here are some tips to help you identify plumbing problems around your home.

  • When your home is at its quietest, such as in the evening, listen for any dripping sounds. Leaky faucets might appear to drip only a small amount of water, but this tiny amount can really add up over the course of a day or a week. Call Clearview to have your leaky faucets fixed as soon as you find them.
  • Check for signs of leaks around the walls and baseboards where there are plumbing fixtures. Pipes that are full of water under pressure can crack, corrode or develop loose fittings and subsequently lose water regularly until they are repaired. This contributes to the growth of mold and mildew. Puddles and moisture are tell-tale signs of leaky pipes inside walls.
  • Listen for running toilets in all your bathrooms. Check to see if they are running at unusual intervals, such as when they have not been recently flushed. Problems with seals and float valves can cause the toilet to waste a significant amount of water since the flow of water is continuous, much like a leaky faucet.
  • Check your bathroom supply valves (on your sinks and toilets) for leaks. The packing, which seals the valve stem of a typical stop (water valve) seals when compressed just enough to “pack off” leak paths, but not so tightly that turning the handle is difficult. Turn the packing nut (top nut surrounding the stem) slightly clockwise (shouldn’t require more than 1/8 turn or so) and see if this stops the leak around the stem.
  • Check your water meter. Municipal water systems use a meter to measure the amount of water used, and by turning off all faucets and appliances that consume water, the flow to your home will cease. Locate your water meter, read the amount displayed, note it, then wait an hour or two, and reread it to see if water has gone through it when none was being used in your home. Very small leaks will not appear to move the meter over a short period of time, so these will be harder to detect using this method.
[/arrowlist] Follow these tips and you should save yourself a lot of hassle in the future. Remember, whenever you see water occurring where it shouldn’t, call ClearView right away -even sporadic leaks can cause serious damage to your home.

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