Calgary Plumbing: Always Call the Professionals When it Comes to Your Sewer

If you own a home in Calgary, you know there are some plumbing jobs that you might be able to handle yourself, like leaky faucets and the like. However, for larger, more complex jobs, it is always best to call the professionals at ClearView. In no other case is that more apparent than when it comes to problems involving your sewer line.

A sure sign that there is a clog in your sewer line is when you’ve got multiple drains in your home that won’t clear, even with plunging or snakes. The reason for this is that the blockage is not anywhere inside your home’s plumbing, but underground in the line leading to the city’s sewer system.

At ClearView, we have the right tools and technology to properly diagnose these types of problems. We use cameras that can be fed through the pipes to see what is causing the blockage. In many cases, tree roots are the culprit.

In order to properly unclog, repair or replace your sewer pipes, more sophisticated plumbing tools and materials are used. We can successfully re-pipe, repair or clear away roots without digging up your yard. This is not a do-it-yourself project by any means!

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