Calgary Plumbing: Absolute Top 3 Plumbing Disasters!

Calgary Plumbing: Absolute Top 3 Plumbing Disasters!

Plumbing is a relatively simple concept; the idea of course is to move water and things in the water from one area to someplace else, ie., from the sink to the city sewage system. However, even with the most simple of concepts, things can still go wrong! There are three plumbing problems which you are most likely to see in your home and fortunately, most of them are fairly easy to deal with. Today, for your consideration, we present Top Three Plumbing Disasters!

Frozen Pipes


What Calgary resident hasn’t woken up one cold winter morning to find that the water won’t run! Frozen pipes are caused by a cold weather snap which strikes uninsulated (or poorly insulated) pipes. Water moving through the pipes hits cold parts of the pipes and freezes solid. Frozen pipes in turn stop water from coming into your home and furthermore can cause a great deal of damage to your pipes and even burst them! Frozen pipes are one of the most common problems to come across in Calgary and they can be a true disaster for homeowners and renters.

Burst Pipes

Stemming from frozen pipes, but also old pipes, damage and roots, are burst pipes. Burst pipes are probably the most daunting thing which a homeowner will have to deal with. Burst pipes are caused by a wide range of problems, including old pipes, roots breaking through the pipes and frozen pipes. Plumbers are almost always required to deal with burst pipes, but you can start by shutting off the main valve!

Overflowing Toilet

While not as disastrous as burst pipes, overflowing toilets are probably the most disgusting! Overflowing toilets are caused by clogs in the piping (usually the U-bend) which in turn is usually caused by flushing things which ought not be flushed! However, problems with the valve seat can also contribute to the whole problem. Overflowing toilets are not the worst problem in the plumbing world, but they are the most disgusting.

There are many other plumbing disasters which can crop up, but these three are arguably the most common and fortunately, this makes them relatively easy to deal with (except for burst pipes where a plumber will definitely be required!)

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