Calgary Monoxide Scare at Local Calgary Pool

Most people don’t often think about carbon monoxide testing in Calgary. A carbon monoxide alarm sounded at the Inglewood indoor swimming pool this weekend, resulting in the evacuation of nine people.

Of the nine people evacuated, each one had a blood test to test for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. One swimmer was escorted to the hospital after tests indicated she had 21% carbon monoxide within her bloodstream. Luckily, she was fine and later released.

Now for the very significant portion of news to take from this story, which I originally read in the Calgary Herald. The woman who was rushed to the hospital after displaying a reading of over 20% carbon monoxide (CO), showed absolutely NO outward signs of illness. If she had shown signs of CO poisoning, they would have closely resembled flu-like symptoms. This means that, if you or your family is suffering from Carbon Monoxide poisoning, you may not know it until it is fatal. I am not trying to scare anyone, but I have always believed strongly in families taking active measures against Carbon Monoxide.

The best prevention against Carbon Monoxide poisoning is to have a professional come to your home and perform an annual inspection and test.

Give us a call if you believe your family could benefit from Carbon Monoxide testing in Calgary. Also, take a look at this past blog entry, Home Carbon Monoxide Detectors Are Not Enough to Provide 100% Protection.

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