Like most Canadians, we understand the need for humidifiers in every household. We know what it is like to live through harsh Calgary winters. And when the temperature drops outside, we all crank up the heat inside. Unfortunately, all of that warm and toasty heat can cause the air in our homes to dry out.

Luckily, Clearview has the solution to these expensive problems. We will install affordable, automatic humidifiers and filters to resolve all of the above problems and more. Our certified Calgary technicians will install both a humidifier and a humidistat to ensure that the moisture level in your home is maintained during the cold seasons when your furnace is running.

Automatic humidifiers, properly installed by Clearview, will benefit you and your family

  • We will help you achieve even moisture distribution
  • We will help add moisture, not mold or other problems
  • We will help deter the spread of germs
  • We give you the control with an adjustable humidistat
  • We will save you time and money.

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Don’t let dry air affect your health. Contact us today about automatic humidifiers in Calgary and the many benefits they bring.

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Automatic humidifiers evaporate water into warm air and send it throughout the whole house. The humidistat is much like a thermostat. You set the ideal level of humidity for your home (usually around 35-40%), and it will add moisture when needed to maintain that level.

Basic household activities, like showering, laundry and cooking, do add some moisture to the air in our homes, but it is not nearly enough. Nor is it evenly distributed.

Similarly, portable humidifiers can offer assistance on a small scale, perhaps in a bedroom when someone is sick with a cold or flu. Again, this moisture is not distributed evenly throughout the home. Repeated use of portable humidifiers can cause an excess of moisture. The resulting condensation can lead to mold, mildew and, in extreme cases, structural damage.

On the other hand, automatic, or central, humidifiers attach to your furnace to generate the right amount of moisture and distribute it evenly throughout your whole home.

When your home is at its ideal humidity level, it feels more comfortable. And when you feel warmer, you can lower the temperature on your thermostat. So a central humidifier can actually save you money in heating costs.

Not only will you reduce costs, you will also reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. An estimate from the US states that if all American homes with air conditioning upgraded to the most energy efficient models, they could eliminate up to 40 million tons of CO2 emissions each year.

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