Calgary Heating: Neat Ways Heating Units Can be Used

Calgary Heating: Neat Ways Heating Units Can be Used

Good day all, Kyle here! We’re turning down the furnaces now, but before waving adieu until autumn, let’s pay homage to the heater and all it can do… outside the house! Did you know that heaters are used for things other than keeping you warm in the winter? Here are some neat ways that heating has been used to enrich lives and help us get more from the world.

Heat the Dog House

Heating up your puppy’s home may seem silly, but it’s actually one of the top things groups like the SPCA recommend for the health and safety of your dog, particularly if he spends all winter largely out of doors. A heated dog house can range from a heating mat on the ground, to a heating box in the corner of the house (like the heater for an incubator) to a full blown heating and air conditioning unit that works like the one in your own home

Keeping Crops Warm

Even crops need a heater!

In places where the temperatures can unexpectedly change, such as Canada, some farmers opt to install radiant heating (usually water heating, but electrical too) near or beneath their crops in order to keep the ground from freezing while the seeds are still vulnerable. This is an expensive heating system, but for those whose livelihood depends on a good harvest, any bit of help is important. Heating systems can be set up alongside irrigation units and provide even heat while they are on; perfect for getting those seeds started even when the risk of frost is still present.

Heating a Swimming Pool

For most people, swimming pools are only used in summer; any other time of year, it’s too cold to go swimming. But with heating for your swimming pool, you can extend the life of your swimming pool to about October in many cases. Heating for swimming pools are often solar powered or electrical and can bring the temperature of your water up to comfortable swimming temperatures, even when there’s a chill in the air outside the pool. It’s a luxury, but a good one!

So before you shut off your furnace for the summer, consider the many ways which heating is used outside of our homes! These three are just the most common out there; you can also see things like heated sheds, heated greenhouses, and heated barns! It’s amazing now where you can bring warmth, even when it’s very cold outside.

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