Calgary Heating: Insulating Your Attic

Calgary Heating: Insulating Your Attic

Did you know that just like our heads lose humans a lot of heat, attics can cause homes to lose a lot of heat! (er, that’s an odd analogy, but bear with me). Attics lose about 30% of your heat because the hot air rises to the ceiling and then the attic and roof beyond. Many attics are uninsulated because people don’t think about doing the work on it and hot air just floats away! The only thing which loses more heat is the walls, but most people think of insulating their walls and sealing around outlets. The analogy makes more sense when you consider that a lot of heat in the human body is lost through the head.

So if you want to save money on your heating bill, take a look at your attic as a possible place to start working. Insulating your basement isn’t incredibly hard so long as you use the right materials and a bit of time. Loose-fill insulation is the most commonly used insulation because it’s cheap to purchase and install and effective. Batt insulation can also be used, but it’s not as affordable. Then, before you install the insulation, make sure you seal around the chimney and other air flow areas because insulation won’t prevent airflow. Then make sure to install blocking to prevent fires from heat producing equipment in your attic such as piping. This is necessary for fire safety requirements. Ensure that the insulation won’t block airflow vents and before you put in the insulation, check and repair any damage.

Nowadays, insulation doesn’t have to cost you anything (in fact, if you do it right, you can get money back!) There are a heap of rebates out there for people who go green by insulating their home, do it themselves and then remember to take advantage of the money. Rebates include the $600.00 federal rebate plus the 15% rebate for home improvement. Provincial rebates also exist for homeowners who can show that they have renovated their home in a safe and green fashion. If you purchase your insulation while it’s on sale and do the job yourself with a friend or two, the job can cost you very little and even nothing over the long run! Furthermore, insulation can save you quite a bit of money on heating and electrical costs, so it ends up paying for itself anyway over the longer term.

Insulating your attic is an easy way to save on your heating bills. It can be done in your own time and with low costs (or no costs if you take advantage of the right rebates!) It’s a great way to prevent a lot of the heat loss which a home experiences and save money. So if you’re struggling with your heating costs, check out the attic and see if the problem is a lack of insulation which can then be fixed.

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