Calgary Heating: Installing a Wood Burning Stove

Calgary Heating: Installing a Wood Burning Stove

When we think of wood burning stoves, we may think of something very rustic or old fashioned and many people simply don’t think it’s possible to have one anymore (unless you have a cottage somewhere). But there are around 3 million Canadians-ten percent of the current population) who use wood burning stoves regularly! They are attractive, save on energy and can save your money to some extent. If you’d like to learn how to install a wood burning stove, either for total home heating or to supplement your current heating, you’re in the right place!

(Before we go any further, make sure you are allowed to install a wood burning stove or furnace in your home before you start shopping around or you could waste a lot of time and money only to be stopped dead by municipal bylaws or your insurance plan.)

Assuming all goes well on the bureaucracy end of things, let’s look at wood burning stove installation!

Most of the installation of a wood burning stove is more to do with preparing the area than the actual stove. This is because the area where the stove will sit needs the right sort of setting or else you risk burning your walls or floor, causing irreparable damage. In order to avoid this, things like a heat shield and floor pad must be installed on the floor and walls. It’s not too hard to do this.

Start with your floor pad. Measure out the area you want and then cut off the carpet or cut away the hardwood or laminate. Then cut out your floor pad (usually made from pyrex since it stays solid under high heat) and fit it into the stove’s new floor home. Make sure the adhesive you use to stick the floor pad to the floor is also able to stay solid under heat. Once you have your new floor, head to the walls to give them shielding.

Your heat stove must be at least 7/8 of an inch away from the wall and the shield should have three inches of space between itself and the floor. This level of clearance is the absolute minimum if you want to protect your walls from damage, even with the heat shield and if you can get away with it, a bit more space at least between the heat stove and the wall is a good idea. Then install your furrings (the pieces which will hold up your walls), paying close attention to avoid the studs. Then install your heat shield which should again be made from something like pyrex so that it can withstand high heat. Basically, you should have a three piece shield: the floor pad and then two pieces on the walls on either side of the stove which do not connect to each other or to the floor and have enough clearance for the stove to ‘breathe’ safely. Now you can assemble your wood stove via the manufacturer’s instructions.

A couple of notes before you go wild! Your wood burning stove should be placed where there is either an existing chimney flue or where you can build one so that your stove can vent properly and bring in air to keep the fire burning longer. You may require the services of a wood stove technician at this point in order to ensure that your chimney will be put together safely.

As you can see, it’s usually quite possible to have a wood burning stove or small furnace in your home, so long as you are careful with your installation and make sure you build in such a way that you have easy access to a chimney or at least a chimney flue to build into! With care and patience, you can enjoy the benefits of a wood burning stove to supplement your current heating and to make a room cosier.

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