Calgary Heating: Don't Wait to Have Your AC Serviced

Hot weather is fully here, and it won’t let up for a few months. This of course means that Calgary homeowners are going to be cranking up their air conditioning units for the season. If you are looking to minimize future headaches and stress in the sweltering heat, it’s best to get your AC unit serviced with preventative maintenance.

Preventative maintenance of your air conditioner includes a thorough inspection, and typically involves a cleaning of the condenser coils (indoor and outdoor), lubrication of moving parts, adjustment of airflow and thermostat calibration. In addition, your ductwork is also inspected.

Cleaning the coils alone contributes in a significant way to the proper functioning and efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Scheduling regular maintenance service allows our technicians to catch problems before they become serious. On top of it all, your air conditioning system will be running at peak efficiency for more of its life, saving you money on both power bills and potential major repairs.

Finally, a simple thing that Calgary homeowners can do to ensure the proper function of their air conditioning system is to regularly have the filters changed. This not only allows the system to work more efficiently at cooling incoming air, it also improves air quality, safeguarding the health of your family.

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