Calgary Heating: Buying Your Furnace Online

Calgary Heating: Buying Your Furnace Online

Calgary Heating: Buying Your Furnace Online

You know, shopping online can be fantastic. It’s a way to save a ton of money, get things which you may not be able to access in your home hometown and get things sent straight to your home. But there are some things which you may want to think twice about purchasing online or at least do some careful research. One of these things is a furnace.

Yes you can buy a furnace online! (I was slightly surprised myself…) However, there are some very important things to keep in mind before you place that order at the online checkout form. These are things you probably won’t see in the website, so keep them in mind.

Know EXACTLY What You Need

Before you start ordering a furnace, make sure you understand exactly what you need, right down to the size. Too small a furnace and you won’t heat your home properly. Too large a furnace and you still won’t heat your home properly (and it will send your utility bills into the stratosphere). Furnaces are measured by load, i.e., how much cubic feet of hot air they can blow out. You can either buy a furnace that is the exact same size as your current one with the assumption that the old one did fine before it fell apart or do a load calculation.

Warranty THIS!

The huge problem with ordering a furnace online (Actually one of a few, but we’ll get into the others in a bit) is the warranty. Most companies will not offer a warranty on products purchased online because most people install them incorrectly, causing damage and cashing in on the warranty which is very expensive to the manufacturer. There are two things you have to do in order to get a warranty: order your furnace through a licensed distributor and have your furnace installed by a licensed heating technician. But make sure you speak to a company representative before you purchase your furnace so that you can jump through any legal hoops necessary to get a warranty.


You really, really, really (I cannot stress this enough) should have your mail-order furnace installed by a licensed heating technician. Not only will this keep your warranty intact, but DIYers who install furnaces are more likely to have the furnace break down, malfunction or… ulp… blow up in their faces (and when that happens, the DIYer has no face left. You see where I’m going with this…). Swallow the cost and just do it because an improperly working or blown up furnace is going to pretty much ruin the money you saved in buying in the first place (plus your home, your family, your life and, well… yeah).

Should I Really Order My Furnace Online?

My first instinct here? N-O. Certainly you can save money by purchasing directly from the manufacturer instead of going through a third party, but you will have problems with the warranty, you can never be quite certain if the furnace will be right for you and you’ll have to bring someone in to install the furnace anyway which will cost more money. You might as well get the correct furnace for your home through a third party deal who will also provide installation, a hassle-free warranty and tips on how best to use your furnace to save energy and money.

But if you absolutely insist on shopping online for your furnace, make absolutely certain you understand what kind of furnace you need, what size you need, what you need to do to get a warranty and get someone to install it for you. That way, you can enjoy your furnace and your savings with peace of mind.

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