Calgary Furnace Tips: Furnace Shut Off Instructions

Calgary Furnace Tips: Furnace Shut Off Instructions

Hi, it’s Kyle from Clearview Plumbing and Heating in Calgary.  In my last post, I shared some tips on furnace filter replacement.  In this post, I thought I would share how to turn your furnace off in case of an emergency.

Here is some information on Furnace Shut Off Instructions that should help you.

In an emergency, you may want to shut down your furnace. This involves two important steps: shutting off the gas and shutting off the electric.

To shut off your gas, look for a black pipe. This is your gas line. The shutoff will either be a valve or a gold connector (you will need a wrench for that). Turn the valve clockwise. That will shut off the gas so you needn’t worry about it.

Every furnace has a BX line, which is this silver line here. This is where the main power comes into the unit. Follow the line from your unit to the electrical switch on the wall (the switch may be located elsewhere). Although there are many safety features built into the furnace, once you shut off the electric, you will have greater peace of mind. Then call a service technician to investigate the problem.

Newer furnaces have diagnostic code built into a circuit board. Down here is the view window and you will see two flashing lights (this furnace is in good shape). If something is wrong with the furnace, these lights will intermittently flash at different speeds. On the inside of the door is a diagnostic panel that may help with identifying the problem. Be sure to call a service technician if you are unable to diagnose the problem yourself.

Unless you know exactly what you are doing, I encourage you to shut off the gas and power and have an expert check the furnace. If you are the handyman type, by all means, take a look at it.

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