Calgary Furnace Tips: Filter Replacement

Calgary Furnace Tips: Filter Replacement

Hi, it’s Kyle from Clearview Plumbing and Heating in Calgary.  I am always trying to educate people on how to do things better as it relates to their home.  It made me think, I should record a few things to show people what to do.  Here’s a recent video we did on Filter Replacement.

A very important part of your furnace’s system is the filter. It helps keep the air clean and is necessary to keep your furnace operating well.

When your furnace’s filter becomes blocked, it affects the furnace in several ways. First, it puts wear and tear on the blower mower that blows the air through the unit. Second, a plugged filter prevents air from passing through it, and this is necessary to keep the furnace from overheating.

This particular filter works with a high efficiency electronic air cleaner. It is like a bug zapper for dirt, and its 97 percent efficiency rate prevents reduced airflow. This gives you the best of both worlds.

You always want to keep the filter clean. This is an important function of furnace maintenance. This particular one is very clean because it just had ductwork. These filters easily pop open so you can check the electronic components and make sure everything appears to be working correctly.

If you use disposable filters, you also want to keep those clean. Try holding the filter up to a light. If you can’t see through it, it needs to be changed. Every filter has an arrow on it. (This one doesn’t because it’s unique). When replacing the filter, the arrow should point towards the furnace. Simply slide it back into place. This one uses a plug because it is electronic.

High quality furnaces come equipped with UV lights that kill odors, bacteria and any toxic gasses in the home. These furnaces are easy to care for, but call a professional technician for any maintenance or repair. Never stare at the UV lights, as they can severely damage your eyes.

Remember. Filters are a very important part of your furnace. Change or clean them monthly year-round.

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