Calgary Furnace Installation: The Secret To Getting a New Calgary Furnace

Calgary Furnace Installation

Do you Know What Your Calgary Furnace is Costing You?

Calgary Furnace Installation Information:

Hi, this is Kyle from Clearview Plumbing and Heating in Calgary.

I have some exciting news of you. WE HAVE CRACKED THE CODE on making energy savings affordable.

I am so excited about this that I wish I had a bullhorn to tell you about it…

Calgary Furnace Facts:

First, let me share some cold-hard facts:

Fact #1: Most Calgary homes have furnaces that are AT LEAST ten years old

Fact #2: Old furnaces are about 40-50% less efficient than new models, which means that only around half of the energy you pay for ever warms your home. Your old furnace literally wastes the rest of your money.

Fact #3: According to the Government of Alberta’s Climate Change Central website, on average 60% of your Calgary energy bill goes towards your furnace.

Fact #4: Your old furnace isn’t going to fix itself, or become any more efficient or comfortable. If you want to save over $700 on a replacement – you have to act this month!

Your Chance to Save Big Money on a New Furnace is Almost Gone!

If you have been thinking that this is the year you will finally replace that old energy wasting beast in your basement, you’ll want to get it done this month. The Provincial governments rebates and Clearview’s rebates are almost gone! And there are no guarantees that they will be brought back at anytime in the future.

Rebates That Run Out By March 31st:

Cash Saving Rebate Number 1: $500 Provincial Government Rebate
Cash Saving Rebate Nubmer 2: $279 Clearview Instant Rebate

Total Rebate Savings: $779….but only for furnaces installed by March 31st!

And if that isn’t enough I give you my written promise that your new system will reduce your energy use by at least 25% during the next 12 months, or I will personally pay you the difference.

The Federal government has already cancelled their program. The Provincial rebate ends March 31st. The Clearview rebate ends March 31st. There are only a few weeks left. This really is your last chance for FREE MONEY from the government this year!

Our phones have been ringing off the hook with this great deal! Call us today at 403-538-6895 to book your free quote (evening and weekend appointments available).

Our customer service reps are anxiously awaiting your call.

Learn about our Calgary Furnace installation services here.

Clearview Heating and Plubming offers high efficiency furnaces from York.  See the full line up of York Furnaces here.

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