Do you worry about keeping your family safe from carbon monoxide? Well, we worry about that too! That is why we provide inexpensive furnace and boiler tune up and testing services in Calgary. Our testing will detect small cracks and blockages before they become big safety concerns.

Our service features:

  • Highly trained and skilled technicians
  • Professional detection equipment that is 10 times more sensitive than your typical home detection kit
  • Tools to clean debris that may be causing CO build up
  • A caring attitude and strong work ethic
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector Testing
  • An optional preventative Service Agreement

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Furnace Tune-Ups and Maintenance

ClearView offers comprehensive furnace and boiler tune-up services that include carbon monoxide testing to detect cracks and blockages that could lead to leaks. During the CO testing portion of our tune-up, we will check all connections to and from the furnace, check vents for cracks, gaps or corrosion and recommend any necessary repairs. We will also check for debris that may be impeding air flow.

In addition, our carbon monoxide testing includes an inspection of the heat exchanger and combustion chamber for cracks, holes and signs of rusting or corrosion. We also clear dirt and debris from filters and the burner.

Our Preventative Service Agreement ensures that your furnace or boiler undergoes carbon monoxide testing every year. Contact our Calgary office to learn more about the many advantages of a ClearView service agreement.

Carbon Monoxide Testing Can Save Lives

CO poisoning kills several hundred North Americans every year and makes many thousands sick. Regular carbon monoxide testing can help you avoid such tragedies. For more information on preventing CO problems in your Calgary home, contact ClearView today.

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