Calgary Air Conditioning: New Air Conditioning Technology

Calgary Air Conditioning: New Air Conditioning Technology

Up here in the Great White North, we have an odd ball way of handling air. Have you ever been outside in the -20 weather, then walk into a heated store and then go to the freezer section where it’s cold again? I bet it never occurred to you how odd it is to think that just outside the walls, it’s cold and the building is heated, but more energy is used to cool off one portion of the building. Heck, it never occurred to me until I sat and thought about it! The insistence on both heating and cooling the building, though in different places, wastes a ton of energy and thus quite a bit of money for the business. What if there was some way to bring the cold air outside, in?

That’s what Brian McDonald of Rapid Refrigeration in Toronto is trying to do.

The idea of bringing cold air from outside directly to the room where it’s needed isn’t brand new. IT companies such as Google and Facebook have been doing it for a little while now, using their locations (Ireland and Sweden respectively) have been doing it.Citigroup in Frankfurt uses it about 67% of the time. Even San Francisco’s Berkeley Labis looking at integrating outdoor cooling with traditional cooling units to save energy and cool super computers.

Even with a track record in research and technology, the idea is a harder sell for places like breweries, liquor stores and grocery stores. McDonald has been pitching his Rapid Refrigeration Company for a little while now, with limited success. While there is usually interest, when it comes time to actually buy a unit, many businesses freeze up and runaway!

Outdoor air based cooling is based on the idea of bringing in cold air from outside and blending it with humidity and cool air produced by the unit to create an environment cold enough for products (and databases), while saving as much as 80% on energy costs. The payback on the cooling unit can take as little as two years, depending on the size of the area being cooled and how cold it is year round where the business is. Up here in Canada,the units can pay for themselves in two years or even less, though one and a half to three years is fairly common. Energy savings of between 30 and 80% are not unheard of either.

Even with the savings, it hasn’t been easy to bring these units to businesses in Canada.Many of them want payback on their investment in less than two years while others just have problems with changing their old systems. Only time will tell as to the success rate of these units, but you have to admit that they make a great deal more sense than trying to heat and cool a building at the same time in the middle of a Canadian winter!

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