Calgary Air Conditioning: 10 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

Calgary Air Conditioning

Calgary Air Conditioning: 10 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

Hi, it’s Kyle from ClearView Plumbing and Heating and I was thinking about how nice it is that spring is here and summer is coming! For many of us living here in Calgary, the air conditioner is a fantastic appliance once the heat starts rolling in. However, air conditioners are far from indestructible and they do have a number of very common problems. These are the top ten most common air conditioning problems that you may run across in one or more air conditioners over the course of your life.

1. Unit Runs All the Time

Most air conditioners now have a thermostat which lets you control when it comes off and on. However, with ones that run constantly, the A/C may be low on refrigerant or returns attic air back to the rest of the house.

2. Uneven Cooling

If you notice things that some rooms are warmer than another one for no apparent reason, then it’s probably your A/C. This can be caused by there being no dampers in the ducts or because the air isn’t balanced properly in the system (caused by no dampers!)

3. Thermostat Not Holding its Temperature

If your thermostat isn’t doing the job of maintaining a set room temperature, then it’s probably broken or not calibrated properly.

4. Ice on the Lines and Unit

Eugh, ice! Ice anywhere on the A/C is usually caused by a dirty filter, dirty evaporator, a defective blower or because you are low on refrigerant.

5. Water Leaking

If you notice puddles around your A/C unit, the problem is probably either that the unit is frozen inside, the drain is clogged or the evaporator coil has rusted away.

6. The Outdoor Unit is Running, but the Fan Isn’t

Any number of things could have gone wrong here, but it could be that you have a dirty filter, a wire burned off, the fan center is broken, the blower motor is broken, the capacitor is broken or evaporator coil is filthy. You’ll probably have to pull your A/C apart in order to figure out what’s going on.

7. The Fan Runs but the Compressor Does Not

Likely your compressor is broken in some way! There may be a burned wire, a defective compressor or a defective start capacitor. You may also have your compressor shorting out because of the overload protection on it. Likely, you will have to replace the compressor.

8. The A/C Hums, but no Fan

You have a humming air conditioner but no air! This can be caused by a broken fan, a broken capacitor or a burned out wire

9. Every Time you Turn the A/C On, the Breaker Goes

This is annoying! It can be caused by a weak breaker, a defective contactor, a grounded compressor or because the condenser fan was shorted to the ground.

10. The Darn A/C Won’t Turn On!!!

Caused by any number of things, this is the absolute most common A/C problem. There might be a problem with the power supply to the unit, a defective transformer/thermostat/contactor, a contactor wire may have burned off or the dog chewed through the wires. Either way, the problem will mostly likely have to do with power supply.

Some of these problems can be solved under your own power, others will require a more professional touch. All of these problems will require some time and money and materials to fix, so testing your air conditioner now to ensure that it is in good working order is a very good idea.

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