Calgary Hot Water Tanks: A Burning Problem

Chances are you don’t spend much time thinking about your hot water tank until you no longer have hot water. When the winter chill sets into your home, you may think about turning the water heater up a notch to keep the hot water flowing through your wipes. When turning your water heater higher, bear in mind that upping the temp wears on your hot water tank. This can result in a shortening of the lifespan of your water tank, as well as the fact that higher hot water temperatures are more dangerous for your family.

The best temperature for a hot water heater is 125 degrees or lower. Imagine if you turned your hot water heater up and then didn’t realize how hot your water could get? Less than a minute of exposure to water over 125 degrees can result in serious burns. With higher temperatures, your risk of burning happens even faster. Children under 5 can suffer skin burns in under 5 seconds.

To protect your family, be sure to keep your water heater temperature low. If you find your hot water runs out quickly, consider the use of water saving shower heads or a larger sized hot water tank.

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