Calgary Heating and Air Conditioning: Basics of Air Conditioners

Calgary Heating and Air Conditioning: Basics of Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are cooling systems fitted in homes, offices, private and public establishments. An air conditioner is a major 20th century invention, introduced first as a luxury item, but one that has become a necessity in many countries across the world. Air conditioners provide relief from heat and humidity by keeping the indoor environment cool. They add to the utility bill, but people would rather pay up the bill than suffer in the uncomfortable heat, especially during the summer season.

Air conditioning systems can be broadly divided into three types: room air conditioners, central air conditioners and heat pumps. A room air conditioner is used for a single room or living area. Such a unit is fixed to the wall of a room or fitted to the window sill. It is also called a window air conditioner. Room air conditioners are ideal if only a few rooms in the house are required to be kept cool and others can do without such a cooling system. This type of air conditioner also doesn’t add too much to the utility bill, at least when compared to a centralized system. It is also relatively cheap to get a room air conditioner installed.

A centralized air conditioning system is ideal for cooling larger areas, such as offices, buildings, theatres, hotels and homes. If the entire living or working space needs to be kept cool at all times, a centralized air conditioner is the best option. Instead of fitting air conditioners in each room of the house or office, it is better to get a central system fixed. An advantage of such a system is that, being central it can be maintained easily. It also provides effective cooling and goes about its business quietly, without the low humming sound made by room air conditioners.
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