Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

When the water just sits stubbornly in the sink instead of gurgling away, you should fight the temptation to reach out for the chemical drain remover. Chemical drain cleaners are among the most dangerous household products. Next time your sink backs up, think twice before you reach for a bottle of chemical drain cleaner.

Liquid, gel and foam chemical drain cleaners are only moderately effective at best and can be dangerous. Common ingredients in drain cleaners include dangerous chemicals such as lye, hydrochloric acid and trichloroethane toxins that can corrode plumbing and linger in the water supply. Chemical products labeled “heavy duty” or “professional strength” often proved less effective clearing clogs than the regular-strength counterparts. Do not be fooled by good marketing and false promises.

First try and unclog your drain by using the traditional plunger. Fill the sink to above the lip of the plunger so that you will force water not air at the clog. Vigorously push and pull the plunger until the clog is forced free.

If the plunger does not clear things up, the clog is probably deep in your main drain. You will then have to contact a professional plumber or professional drain-cleaning service. Please let us know if you have already tried to unclog the rain on your own, more importantly let us know if you have used any chemical cleaners in the process.

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