Calgary Heating: Saving Energy with Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps

Calgary Heating: Saving Energy with Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps

Air conditioners and heat pumps keep your home cool in summers, but there are a lot o important facts about these appliances that most people are unaware of. Here is some information about these products that might influence your purchase decision.

R22 Freon Phaseout from Air Conditioners

When buying a new air conditioner, you can now only go for those which use Puron as a refrigerant instead of R22 Freon, which was commonly used before 2010. R22 Freon is harmful to the ozone layer and it has been banned from use in new air conditioners from 2010.

If you already own an air conditioner that uses R22 Freon then you will still be able to get the refrigerant from the market for service or repair purposes. But you should know that as more and more companies will shut down production of R22 Freon, its prices could shoot up. So if your air conditioning system is old and in need of repair then it might be a good idea to replace it with a Puron based system, instead of prolonging your use of R22 Freon.

Heat Pumps – Go for a Hybrid Product

Heat pumps are special appliances that have the dual benefit of providing heat in winters and cooling in summers. The system is able to do it through reversal of flow of refrigerants. In heating mode, the heat pump transfers heat from outside air to inside air and in cooling mode it takes heat from inside to outside.

The problem is that electricity based heat pumps work only till temperatures of -5°C. If the temperature goes further down, then you need to switch to a furnace. With Hybrid Heat systems, this problem is solved by automatically switching to the furnace mode when temperature falls below -5°C.

Such a hybrid heating system is not dependant on one type of fuel – either electricity or gas. They ensure that you can deal with a sudden increase in price of one type of fuel. There are many highly efficient and affordable Hybrid Heat products in the market that you can choose from. One of the best options that you have is the Bryant 18 SEER Evolution Heat Pump.

Another advantage with using Hybrid Heat systems is that some utility companies provide financial incentives for using them. You can avail loans and rebates on purchase of high efficiency heat pumps.

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