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ClearView Services
4805 32 St SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2B 2X3

Phone: (403) 775-6055

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We appreciated the service provided Technician was very professional in his deportment and knowledge. service was excellent and very efficient
John Denommee
John D.
17:32 17 Mar 20
Hugh Williamson
Hugh W.
16:26 13 Mar 20
Yamil was great. Came to serve promptly, explained the options. Recommended service plan. My constructive criticism would be me as a customer me not knowing what I am paying for the specific Gerber toilet.
Kabeer Abbas
Kabeer A.
14:51 13 Mar 20
Nancy Seefried
Nancy S.
00:02 12 Mar 20
Nick Was professional and very efficient. He is knowledgeable and offered practical solutions.
03:50 11 Mar 20
The customer care and attention is, in my opinion the highest I have ever experienced. Email restating the phone call, the call and email from the plumber along with an introduction of whom would be calling at our door and upon arrival a through explanation of the steps that would be taken. Unfortunately the quote was truly a 5 Star service as the prices, in my opinion are on the high side. Something we can not afford or justify, but they were clear on all areas and followed up with a detail of different options and related costs by email. If money is no object, ClearView is absolutely a company I would recommend.
Gerald Lee
Gerald L.
05:08 07 Mar 20
David Bob
David B.
02:10 07 Mar 20
This plumber was amazing. Being a contractor I always will go with him. He was at my place quickly was very accommodating with my animals and made the experience great. He also had a new HW tank with him and ran my wife through the new one. I need his cell number!
Tyler Snodgrass
Tyler S.
17:04 03 Mar 20
Yamil was scheduled for an annual maintenance call and to install two replacement toilets. He was punctual, personable, friendly, respectful, quick, and effective throughout the entire experience. Very impressed with his work. He is a great representative of the customer focus at ClearView
Kevin Banks
Kevin B.
19:51 29 Feb 20
Very professionally done.
Simonette Cat
Simonette C.
15:36 29 Feb 20
very happy with service, John and Julian are very helpful. thanks to both of them for all the work
AJ Amer
03:13 27 Feb 20
Everything went very well from the quick response to my initial chat request, through setting and confirming appointment. Lance arrived on time and took just under 2 hours to diagnose and fix the problem. It cost $1400. Haven't needed a plumber for a long time, but ouch! At $700/hr, I know what career path my nephew should follow.
Terry Melnyk
Terry M.
21:29 26 Feb 20
John made time during regular hours to come and check a leak on the water softener. He ordered the parts and set up the appointment to suit my work schedule. I very much appreciate the promptness of his service and in booking the follow up appointment.
01:39 26 Feb 20
Marianne Campa
Marianne C.
00:29 26 Feb 20
Julian was interested in figuring out what my problem was, not just offering a high priced one-size-fits-all fix. Thanks for the excellent service and great value!
21:10 25 Feb 20
Clerview has provided good service. Very satisfied with the company and Heinz.
Laurel Watson
Laurel W.
18:08 25 Feb 20
Super friendly representative Kody assessed the plumbing throughout the whole house and talked me through current and potential problems. So helpful and I would recommend Clearview Plumbing 100%.
Anna Hemens
Anna H.
22:48 21 Feb 20
World Compost & I'm not Plastic Canada
World Compost & I'm not Plastic C.
19:20 20 Feb 20
Katherine Lau
Katherine L.
23:54 19 Feb 20
Heinz did a great job of keeping me updated on what tasks he was performing during the annual maintenance in my hot water tank and plumbing. He arrived when he said he would and was very quick and efficient while carrying out the tasks. He also made some good suggestions on what we might need in the future and provided timely quotes. Thanks Heinz
Susi Greaves
Susi G.
19:18 19 Feb 20
McKenzie Murdoch
McKenzie M.
21:41 18 Feb 20
Heinz did a great job!! Thanks heinz
Mary Rados
Mary R.
16:43 18 Feb 20
Nick did everything we asked for cordially and professionally.
Petr Komers
Petr K.
20:29 14 Feb 20
Theodore Fong
Theodore F.
20:02 11 Feb 20
This is a very professional and well ran company. The technician could not have been nicer, was right on time, and did fantastic work. Price was very reasonable, and they warrant the work. I highly recommend you use them for any plumbing or heating job, no matter the size. I was also very impressed with the incredible professionalism by the office staff. Phone mannerism was spot on and gave a great first impression. The person I spoke to on the phone listened attentively to my needs and proposed a solution that I understood every step of the way. Will use them again without hesitation.
19:42 11 Feb 20
We are very happy with the work of clearview plumbing. Yamil did a great job.
Greg McCleary
Greg M.
23:38 10 Feb 20
Taylor Olson
Taylor O.
16:31 08 Feb 20
It was a fantastic and professional experience I had with ClearView. They were prompt, accurate and helpful. . I was very happy with their service.
Tomas Pacina
Tomas P.
00:56 08 Feb 20
As usual, Heinz was very professional but also personable. When he arrived, he thought he was going to flush the tankless system, but asking at the office determined that all that was required was checking out the rest of the plumbing requirements.
Sandy Wong
Sandy W.
21:33 06 Feb 20
It was a shock to learn that I needed a new furnace. Justin explained the the facts and helped me understand what the issues are. He gave me all the options and helped me find the most economic solution. I am very thankful that I choose Clear View Plumbing and heating when my furnace didn't work today. I have had 4 other "professionals" to look at my furnace and Justin broke it down in detail as to what was happening and what needed to be done. Thank you for taking the time to educate me and to help me manage the situation. Justin was professional, personable and provided excellent customer service. Thank you Clear View for sending Justin within an hour to diagnose my furnace problem and thankyou for replacing the furnace within 24 hours! !!! Special thanks to Nelson who worked for 12 hours making sure every detail was perfect. And thanks to Heinz who followed up the next day to ensure that the warranty and the furnace was working. . Old Fashion customer service with a smile . I would highly recommend them.
Janet Shaw
Janet S.
18:43 05 Feb 20
Fast service to fix our furnace. Called in the morning and a tech was at our house in the afternoon. Only 3 stars as the problem was due to an oversight by one of Clearview's techs forgetting to properly secure a wire which came loose resulting in this call.
Lisa McDonald
Lisa M.
14:58 05 Feb 20
My furnace died in the night, i called Clearview and they sent Gerry Hurtuibuise to me right away. Gerry was very friendly and quickly was able to diagnose and present options for repair. This is the second time i have used Clearview in an emergency and would highly recommend them to anyone with plumbing or heating needs.Second review - John FenningMy on demand hot water died on the weekend, John came out and diagnosed and presented options. I decided to go with a new unit vs fixing an old - inferior one. John and team took great care by explaining option, communicating the timing and completing the work. I am on Clearview’s monthly plan and couldn’t be happier. The discount on the new equipment because I’m on the plan is now more than paid for. I have peace of mind with Clearview and when you have people like John, it’s an easy decision.
jamie marino
jamie M.
00:55 05 Feb 20
Yamil Pigueiras came to check and troubleshoot my water tank heater complaint. He was very professional in his dealings and very friendly. I can see that he is well experienced and very knowlegeable with his craft.
Allan Capadosa
Allan C.
22:53 03 Feb 20
Kate Kerans
Kate K.
21:53 03 Feb 20
Good Friday. Big leak! Gerry H came promptly and although he couldn't fix the problem right away because of the unavailability of the part, he told us what was wrong and turned off the water at the site. Very grateful!
Bobby Pellizzari
Bobby P.
18:26 03 Feb 20
Jane Hughes
Jane H.
18:03 03 Feb 20
Jenn Lam
Jenn L.
17:08 01 Feb 20
First of all I got an email and text before he showed up introducing himself and that he will be there in 30 minutes. He showed up and was very professional. He was quick, thorough and friendly. He gave us options and not high pressure at all. The warranty is great for our new hot water tank, 8 years no parts, no labour and with being a landlord it provides great peace of mind. He provided one number with no hidden cost! I would give Kody and Clearview a 5 out of 5.
Kelley Sand
Kelley S.
17:03 01 Feb 20
Heinz did a very professional job.Knowledgable and pleasent person.fixed are clogged mainline and gave us options going forward.thanksGary
gary safruk
gary S.
21:43 31 Jan 20
Shelby Rudnitski
Shelby R.
20:44 31 Jan 20
It was very easy to work with Clearview Plumbing. Actually, I did not work at all, they did. They organize their appointments well and are on time, they communicate well and often, and most importantly they do excellent work. I had multiple things that needed to be accomplished in the same day, and they sent enough personnel to be done earlier than I thought, which allowed me to use the rest of my day off. It was very good for me too that John was there for both the quote and the day of the work. When a challenge came up from the techs sent, John provided the solution when he arrived. They did exactly what they said they were going to do in the quote without any surprises on the day of the work. They've also advised me of some other issues I will need to deal with in the near future but that aren't immediately urgent.Update 2020: Yamil came for the annual plumbing inspection right on time. He inspected all of the plumbing fixtures and appliances plus the drains as well. He gave several options for improvements and tips for maintaining them. He was quick and easy to work with and while no work was performed today he completed his report and gave it to me as well. Thanks Yamil!
Cary Cobb
Cary C.
18:01 31 Jan 20
Matthew Straub
Matthew S.
00:28 31 Jan 20
Great service today. Explained everything they were doing and everything went smoothly. The service person even texted to let me know he was in traffic.
Rod Babineau
Rod B.
00:37 30 Jan 20
Very impressive services, from the beginning to the end. Quick set up, honoring competitive promotional offer, abundant & clear notification before arrival, arriving on time, very polite & expert services. Can't expect more or better. Keep on the good work!
Simon J
Simon J
23:23 29 Jan 20
Very fast, friendly, good job. Also explained about root issues.
Don Skirten
Don S.
22:20 29 Jan 20
Gordon Wong
Gordon W.
21:46 29 Jan 20
During the coldest week of the year our furnace died! I have two kids! Clearview sent someone out that same day and provided us with a new furnace. How stressful, we are cold and no one wants the added cost of a new furnace! Clearview provides the best customer service ever. Zak was very professional and fast.
Kelley Sand
Kelley S.
15:58 29 Jan 20
Super happy! My kitchen faucet line suddenly exploded and they were there within the hour. Headache over and resolved!
Allison Duncan
Allison D.
18:30 25 Jan 20
Heinz did a great job.
Andrew N
Andrew N
17:31 24 Jan 20
Kevin Zhou
Kevin Z.
20:00 22 Jan 20