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Wood’s Homes Charity-of-the-Month

ClearView President Kyle Lumsden Personally Delivers $1,000 Donation To Wood’s Homes To Help Fund Ongoing Service to Children and Families In Need

In 1914 a widower soldier stopped Reverend George Wood on the street and asked him to look after his two children. The soldier never made it back, and the two children were the first among the thousands who would benefit from the outreach that began with Reverend Wood. Since then, Wood’s Homes has grown into a social service agency that reaches to serve families in multiple provinces.

Wood’s Homes operates several child and youth outreach programs:

“Wood’s it is a safe place to talk about feeling. talk about what happened in the past. and hard things. and you are not here because you have been a bad boy or girl you are here to get your heart healed.”

– Michael, August 2009


  • EXIT Youth Shelter and warming centre for homeless adolescents.
  • Lethbridge Emergency Youth Shelter: (a shelter for homeless young people).
  • Eastside Family Center where families receive walk-in counseling at no cost.
  • A 24/7 Emergency Resource and Crisis team.
  • Four Specialized learning centers.
  • A Foster Care network that helps find warm and nurturing homes for youth in need.

[/arrowlist] At ClearView, we invite others to search for opportunities to join in the season of giving. We encourage you to look for ways – large or small – that you can contribute to those in need.

“I have never been so happy in my life – I would like to thank all of the staff and residents at Wood’s Homes and everyone associated with Woods Homes for helping me become a better person.”

– Jason, May 2009

We reiterate the message from Wood’s Homes Chair David Olson and Jane Matheson, Wood’s Homes CEO:

We note that all of our successes and accomplishments could not have been done without the help and support of staff, board members and volunteers, funders and donors, friends and neighbours. Thank you all so very much. And to the young people and families who entrust us with their troubles and their hopes for change – thank you for teaching us every day about the power of vulnerability and the many faces of courage.