Calgary Heating: 8 Ways to Keep Your Heating System Running Smoothly

Here are some simple things you can do to keep your heating system running smoothly—to save money on fuel, to prevent problems and furnace repairs, to keep your home more healthy and comfortable, and to add years to the life of your heating equipment (these are not necessarily in order of importance).

  1. FREQUENT FILTERS. Check your furnace filters every month or two during the heating season, and if need be, replace them. Your service technician can show you how to do this if you don’t know.
  2. STAY BALANCED. If you have hot and cold spots in your home, or if one area of your home is getting more heat than it needs, your heating system probably needs to be balanced. A heating technician can do this for you.
  3. CRACKING DUCTS? Once a year, inspect your heating ducts to look for cracks or places where hot air could leak out. You can repair these with quality duct tape.
  4. THE INSULATION EQUATION. Heating ducts and water or steam pipes that pass through unheated areas, such as attics, crawl spaces and basements, should be covered with duct insulation or unfaced R-11 insulating batts or blankets. This adds up to energy saved for you.
  5. BE A DUSTBUSTER. If you have radiators, convectors, or baseboard heating units, vacuum them regularly   Dust acts as insulation and wastes heat.
  6. DUST-FREE FANS. Also, once a year you should clean the fan blades on your blower motor and keep the area around the furnace free of dust, lint and litter.
  7. DON’T BLOCK THE FLOW. Don’t block air inlets and outlets, including radiators, with furniture, drapes or clothing.
  8. STAY IN TUNE. Manufacturers recommend that you get your gas heating system cleaned and tuned at least once every two years.

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