Calgary Plumbing: 7 Important Maintenance Tips to Avoid Costly Plumbing Jobs

Calgary Plumbing: 7 Important Maintenance Tips to Avoid Costly Plumbing Jobs

Following are 7 important maintenance tips that can save you a lot of plumbing cost:

  1. Hot Tap Water: A large number of people get scalded by hot tap water every year. It is recommended that you set the full-on temperature of hot water at the faucet in between 120 and 125 degrees.
  2. Avoid Mildew Issues: You can avoid mildew related problems with some easy preventive measures. Make sure that the basements are well ventilated. In case they are not, run dehumidifiers there in order to dry the walls, furnishing and air. Never hand wet clothes inside your closets. Always keep your tubs and showers clean of soap-scum as it will help them to dry out quickly. Air-out the kitchen and bathroom cabinets as often as possible.
  3. Avoid Roots: These can be a big pain as they can grow easily in the pipe joints. Any commonly available chemical solution for such issues can be bought off-the-shelf in the market and must be left overnight in the pipe before flushing in the following morning.
  4. Showerhead Build-ups: Less or frequently changing water pressure from the showerheads indicates that there is a mineral build up inside them. Remove the faceplate of the showerhead and replace it back after scrubbing it clean and leaving it in vinegar overnight. You can even clean the outlet holes with the help of a pin.
  5. Water Moisture: Ensure there are well-placed ventilating fans installed inside the baths and kitchen in your home. These places produce most of the moisture.
  6. Pipe Insulation: It is advisable to insulate the pipes to prevent them from freezing in winters. You must run cold and hot water steadily from faucets to keep the pipes from freezing.
  7. Cleaning Garbage Disposal: You must never carry out any cleaning job in the disposal without reading the manufacturer’s manual. Always use cold water while operating the disposal and clean it by grinding ice cubes in it. Freshen it up by grinding some lemon peels in it.

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