Sewers can usually operate functionally for about fifty years or more. However, if you notice that there’s a vivid green growth above the pipe, a muddy spot in your yard, or sewage backed up into your home it’s necessary that you have it checked out by a professional.

Watch for warning signs of problems as your sewer line could cause serious damage to your home if left untreated. Factors such as tree roots, frost, shifting soil, and hard water can all inflict damage on your sewer line.

If your sewer main is damaged, it’s crucial to appoint an expert to replace the sewer or repair the damage. Although having a sewer replaced is costly, you should never try to do it yourself. There are significant health risks associated with waste water and excavation and plumbing work that’s needed when replacing them.

When having your sewer repaired or replaced with ClearView, your yard won’t be dug up or damaged, and we’ll take care to keep your property clean and intact. It’s more than worth it to have an operational sewer and to avoid more serious damage done to your home and its foundation.

If you suspect there’s a problem with your sewer then be sure to contact the specialists at ClearView Plumbing for expert help right away.

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Written by Kyle Lumsden

Kyle Lumsden