When a drain is blocked, immediate diagnosis with a sewer inspection is imperative. The most frustrating aspects of a blocked drain are the unknowns. Where is the blockage? What is it? How can it be removed?

Blockages in a drain or sewer line can be the result of grease build-up, kitchen or bathroom debris, tree roots or even a child’s trapped toy. ClearView Plumbing will be able to show you the exact nature of the blockage on a video screen, where it is and explain what has to be done to clear the obstruction. In addition, the condition of the drain can be determined while the search is on for the blockage.

Our professional plumbers can answer all of your questions. To find and identify a blockage, our Plumbing professional will set up a video camera attached to the end of a long flexible cable. The cable is threaded through the drain system from inside the home. Both the home-owner and the plumber can watch on a video screen as the camera is pushed along the length of the drain. Once the obstruction is found, it’s easy to determine the size, type and location of the blockage. The plumber will then determine the best way to remove the obstruction.

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Written by Kyle Lumsden

Kyle Lumsden