Momentum Charity–of–the–Month

ClearView’s July Charity is Momentum

Momentum is an organization that assists low–income individuals and families to move out of poverty by building personal, financial, and social assets. Through the program, people learn how to take control of their finances, find meaningful employment, and secure financing for a business or home.

Momentum was originally founded in 1991 as an employment program of the Mennonite Central Committee. It was called MCC Employment Development. Its main focus at the time was to train new Canadians in a trade. Within its first ten years of operation, it expanded to include small business training, micro business loans, personal money management courses and access to computers. In 2002, it became an independent, community–based, charitable organization, and in 2006 it adopted a new name that better represented the full scope of its work.
Momentum Programs

Momentum believes that a sustainable livelihood comes from growth in five different asset areas: personal, physical (material goods), social, human (including skills, education and health), and financial.

To grow these asset areas, Momentum offers several programs, including the following: Start a Business to help people launch and fund their own business; Improve Your Skills to help new Canadians and aboriginals learn a trade and help new Canadians upgrade their training; Manage Your Money to teach people about budgeting, banking, and credit; and free computer access for job searches and preparing resumes. Computer training workshops are also available.

For more information on the programs available at Momentum, visit their website at http://www.momentum.org/.

ClearView is very happy to make a $1,000 donation to support the efforts of Momentum to lift people out of poverty.