The Meow Foundation

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The Meow Foundation: Getting Stray Cats Off the Streets and Into Loving Homes

Founded in the year 2000 as a registered charity and humane society, the MEOW Foundation lives up to its name, which means: Make Each One Wanted. Operating with a No–kill mandate, MEOW rescues stray cats and finds suitable, loving homes for them. Their goal is to reach 700 adoptions in 2009.

Families can adopt a cat from MEOW for only $150, and the cat comes to their home ready to join the family, already spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and tattooed (the typical cost for these services can average $500).

The MEOW Foundation also has a “Capture, Neuter and Return” program for stray Feral cats who may not have a home, but are cared for by various neighbors such as businesses in Calgary that leave food out for cats but do not take the cats into their buildings. MEOW takes these cats in, spays or neuters them, then tags then as a MEOW cat and returns them to the community they came from. This assures that if the cat is ever found by the SPCA it will be left in the community rather than being killed.

MEOW also delivers cat food and litter to cat owners who can no longer afford to take care of their cats and need help. This keeps cats in loving homes as opposed to having them put out into the street.

For more information, or to volunteer or make a donation, go to www.meowfoundation.com.