Little Warriors

Little Warriors Charity-of-the-Month

Helping Calgary Children And Adults Unite In The Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse

Few programs have impacted us as much as the May 2009 Charity Winner, Little Warriors.

Little Warriors is a national charitable organization, based in Canada, focusing on the prevention of child sexual abuse, and assists in the support and healing of child sexual abuse survivors.

The Little Warriors program provides resources, information, training, and counseling to help achieve its purpose. The Stewards of Children child sexual abuse prevention program provides training and information about how to help prevent child sexual abuse.

In addition to prevention programs, Little Warriors teaches adults how to recognize and react responsibly to occurrences of child sexual abuse. By supporting Little Warriors and other programs like it, we hope to stop the disastrous effects of sexual abuse that is a scourge among us.

We are thankful to find that Calgary has such an expert and capable staff, and to see that there are resources and training that are available. Each child touched by this program can feel a greater sense of hope and get the assistance they need to realize their dreams and succeed in life. When you visit with the staff and participants of the Little Warriors program, you stand on sacred ground.

Clearview Plumbing & Heating is proud to contribute $1,000 to the winner of our May monthly charitable giveaway, Little Warriors. We encourage all to participate in the Stewards of Children child sexual abuse prevention program and to become familiar with the local resources available to our community through this program.

For more information training, resources, or to get help, please see Little Warriors website: www.littlewarriors.ca