Calgary Women’s Dragon Racing Team

Calgary Women’s Dragon Racing Team Charity-of-the-Month

Calgary Women’s Dragon Racing Team Provides Support, Promotes Awareness, And Lifts Spirits of Those Faced With Breast Cancer

Only those who suffer can truly understand what it is like to fight Cancer. Their loved ones also experience intense grief. Together, they face a disease that strikes seemingly without warning and can drastically change priorities and disrupt lives of all involved.

One of the things that can help women who are faced with breast cancer the most is true friendship, a positive kind of activity, and something to look forward to – something that is fun and challenging.

You can find all of that and more when you pay a visit to this month’s winner of Clearview Plumbing and Heating’s $1,000 charity giveaway: Calgary’s own Sistership Dragon Boat Association. This team of approximately 60 individuals refuses to let cancer get them down. The group began in 1998 with just a few individuals who decided to start a dragon boat racing team. Since then, the group has grown into a circle of “sisters” and their loved ones who support them.

These women not only have a great time together; they support each other by providing understanding and help one another set and keep goals. From May to September each year they train twice a week on the water, and they also help each other keep in shape throughout the year.

Participants maintain a healthy lifestyle and feel a sense of control over their lives. Not only does this team train and compete, but they gain a special sense of satisfaction knowing that they are demonstrating strength and determination as they fight their battles with the disease.

As the owners of Clearview Plumbing and Heating, we are proud to do our small part in contributing www.sistershipcalgary.com to their cause. We invite all Calgary residents to participate by learning about breast cancer, lending a hand or a shoulder to those who are fighting breast cancer, and by attending a race or two to watch this unique group of sisters compete.

For more information, see Sistership Dragon Boat Association’s website: www.sistershipcalgary.com