Calgary Distress Centre

Calgary Distress Centre Charity-of-the-Month

The Calgary Distress Centre is Clearview’s May 2011 Charity of the Month

Since 1973 Calgary’s largest and most versatile Community Mental Health Center, has been providing an environment which is safe, accepting, and where living, learning, working and socializing in the community becomes possible. A place where people can receive the help they need to get and stay well through the quality programs and support that they provide. http://www.distresscentre.com

For more information, please contact us at 403.262.2006 or by email at contact@ccis-calgary.ab.ca

ClearView selects the Charity of the Month by random draw from a group of organizations nominated by members of the community through the Clearview website or by mail. Winners are featured on the ClearView site.

To learn more about the ClearView Charity of the Month program, visit the ClearView website at http://www.clearviewplumbing.ca/charity-of-the-month.php .

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