Calgary Learning Center

Calgary Learning Center Charity-of-the-Month

Calgary Learning Center Is The September 2009 Recipient of The Clearview Plumbing and Heating $1,000 Charity Giveaway

This September Clearview awarded $1,000 to Calgary Learning Center. With this donation, we are supporting their work to improve literacy and to empower our Calgary community with life skills.

Did you know that over four of ten people in Canada are not completely literate? In fact, according to the International Adult Literacy and Skills Survey, over three million Canadians have a hard time reading basic printed material (Statistics Canada, November 2005).

Our community has an increasing number of individuals who struggle with AD/HD and emotional issues like anxiety and depression.

Calgary Learning Center consists of teams from multiple professional disciplines focused on assisting children, youth, and adults with literacy and learning assistance programs, and programs to assist in overcoming emotional obstacles.

Calgary Learning Center offers seminars (online and on site) and ongoing literacy and education seminars and programs that benefit thousands of individuals throughout our community each year. That is why we are proud to assist Calgary Learning center with a $1,000 donation.

To learn more about Calgary Learning Center visit their website: http://www.calgarylearningcentre.com

To donate to the Calgary Learning Center, visit their online donation page:

One a personal note: I would like to offer a heartfelt thank-you to each and every Clearview Plumbing and Heating customer.

I know that when you choose Clearview, public charities are not always on the forefront of your mind. That is to be expected when you’ve got plumbing emergencies or you’re having your furnace prepared for winter. However, it is your ongoing support that allows Clearview to continue this meaningful charity program. When we take the final tally, the businesses we support represent our values in some way or another – and we feel that in this program, we represent each customer that supports us.

We see our charitable contributions as a program from all of us – you, and those of us here at the Clearview Team offices. Thank you!