Child and Youth Friendly Calgary

Child and Youth Friendly Calgary Charity-of-the-Month

Encouraging Calgary’s Young People To Becoming Active In Improving Our Community

If you’re looking to get young people to look beyond their own needs and entertainment and get a vision of what life can be all about, look no further than Child and Youth Friendly Calgary. The program focuses on helping youth find things they are passionate about, and then turn that passion into action that will improve our community.

Young people can try their hand at a number of different art mediums through the Art Central near the center of downtown. Participants can paint, try ceramics, fashion and jewellery design, sculpting, and more.

There are also many types of activities that encourage youth to get involved and to increase awareness and gratitude, including work with the Inter-faith food bank and volunteer work at local shelters. Working with the less fortunate helps youth feel gratitude for their good fortune, increase empathy for their fellow citizens, and support these programs with their much-needed assistance.

In addition, CYFC includes business accreditation programs, opportunities to get involved in local government through the Mayor’s Youth Council, and dozens of other programs that focus on youth involvement.

Child and Youth Friendly Calgary helps young people develop leadership skills, gain valuable volunteer experience, and find passions in life that can drive them with a greater purpose on their road to success in life.

For more information about how to get involved in Child and Youth Friendly Calgary visit their website: www.cyfc.ca

Clearview Plumbing & Heating is proud to contribute $1,000 to to Child and Youth Friendly Calgary as the winner of our monthly charitable giveaway for the month of June, 2009.