Canadian Mental Health Association

Canadian Mental Health Association Charity–of–the–Month

Canadian Mental Health Association, Calgary Region, is May’s Charity–of–the–Month

Canadian Mental Health Association, Calgary Region May 2010 Charity-of-the-Month

The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) was founded in 1918 with the goal of fighting mental illness and promoting mental health. It is the only national organization dedicated to assisting those with mental illness while also helping prevent mental illness. Over 25,000 members and volunteers provide services in more than 135 local branches and regions across Canada, including Calgary.

The Calgary branch of CMHA was established in 1955 and offers a range of community-based services for individuals, families, groups and organizations. Some of these are outlined below.
Advocacy and Education

Through its advocacy programs, CMHA–Calgary Region helps mental health clients and their families navigate the range of mental health services available in the community, while identifying shortcomings and trying to find solutions. Public education programs seek to break the stigma attached to mental illness and promote mental health.
Support Programs

Available for mental health clients and their families, support programs help clients live independently and give families the tools to cope with the effects of mental illness in their loved ones. Group homes, apartment programs and halfway houses are also available through CMHA’s support services.

The Street Outreach program reaches out to homeless individuals with mental illness and seeks to help them get back on their feet.
Recreation and Social Support

CMHA in Calgary offers programs that aim to end the isolation that often occurs with a mental illness. Peer Options, Leisure/Recreation, and Continuing Connections are some of the programs offered in this area.
Other Programs and Further Information

CMHA also offers workplace mental health programs to assist companies dealing with absenteeism, short- and long-term disability and other concerns around employees’ mental health. Suicide and bereavement support are other services offered by the organization.

For more information on the many programs available or to find out how to get help if a mental illness is affecting you or a family member, visit the website of CMHA–Calgary Region.

ClearView is very happy to make a $1,000 contribution to the many valuable programs offered by CMHA–Calgary Region.