Camp Carmangay

Camp Carmangay Charity-of-the-Month

Camp Carmangay Gives Calgary’s “At Risk Youth” Hope That They Can Avoid Crime And Become Outstanding Members Of Our Community

There are many adolescents in Calgary that do not have positive role models and do not have the experience and support to make good choices.

As Calgary struggles with increased incidents of crime such as drug abuse and distribution, crimes against communities, teen prostitution and pregnancy, violence, and the terrible problems of suicides, gang recruitment or murder, there are a few volunteers and charities that are working to change the direction of these young people’s lives.

Camp Carmangay offers a cost free camp for at-risk youth ages of 12 -1 7. The camp brings young people away from TV, video games and “hanging out” and provides them with opportunities to develop friendships and interact with positive role models. Camp attendants get a chance to meet with police officers, and get to see that without their uniforms and vehicles, they are regular people with families who make a positive impact on our communities. It shows young people that police officers are not the enemy, but rather, a resource for stability, education and aid if they so need it.

Volunteers work to befriend these young people and teach life skills, including the connectedness between choices and consequences. Young people attending the camp have a mentor who teaches them that positive lifestyle choices and helps them make choices that will build character, plan for a successful future, and develop into positive role models themselves.

Camp Carmangay relies on the contributions from our Calgary citizens and businesses that care about the future of our youth. Thanks to their support, over 6,900 young people have gone through the Camp Carmangay program.

Clearview Plumbing & Heating is proud to contribute $1,000 to the Camp Carmangay program for the month of July, 2009.

For more information about how to get involved with Camp Carmangay please visit their website: www.campcarmangay.org or call 403-643-2522.