Calgary Sport Council

Calgary Sport Council Charity–of–the–Month

Calgary Sport Council is the August Charity–of–the–Month

The mission of the Calgary Sport Council is to assist, support, and influence the growth of amateur sport in Calgary through strong partnerships. Since the organization’s founding in 2002, they have partnered with agencies like the Calgary Sport Tourism Authority and the City of Calgary to develop a Civic Sport Policy, the first of its kind in Canada.

In 2007, their Sport Needs and Preferences Study formed the basis of a ten–year Strategic Plan for Sport Facility Development and Enhancement, which has now been approved by Calgary City Council and is in the process of being implemented.
The Work of the Calgary Sport Council

The Calgary Sport Council works to: advocate the values and benefits of sport; increase the profile of amateur sport; facilitate education and training opportunities for athletes, coaches, officials, administrators, parents and volunteers; act as a resource for amateur sport organizations who are listed on the organization’s website; and encourage and facilitate sport tourism in Calgary.

The Calgary Sport Council website provides an Events Calendar of upcoming sporting events and a list of its many member organizations. Their Resources page provides links to websites on topics ranging from active living and professional development to sport facts, volunteer development, and funding.

For more information on the work of the Calgary Sport Council, visit their website at http://www.calgarysportcouncil.ca/.

ClearView is very happy to contribute $1,000 to the growth of amateur sport in Calgary through the Calgary Sport Council.