Calgary SCOPE Society

Calgary SCOPE Society Charity–of–the–Month

Calgary SCOPE Society is ClearView’s March Charity–of–the–Month

Calgary, AB (CANADA) – May 10, 2010. ClearView Plumbing announced that the Calgary SCOPE Society is the winner of its March 2010 Charity-of-the-Month.

ClearView established the Charity–of–the–Month program to give back to the Calgary community. Each month the company donates $1,000 to a local charity.

The Calgary SCOPE Society is committed to providing a wide range of high–quality, innovative services to support people with disabilities. The organization strives to help people with disabilities become respected, contributing members of the city’s community. Working closely with people with disabilities and their families and friends, the organization seeks to understand problems and create solutions to personal and social justice issues.

Calgary SCOPE provides several services for people with disabilities. A free family outreach program brings an outreach team to the home of adults and children with development disabilities who are struggling with behavioural, emotional, or social challenges. The Community Support program for adults offers long–term support to individuals who face tremendous difficulties as a result of a mental health or social problem. A Journeys program for seniors provides workshops, community development activities and travel opportunities for seniors. Community development programs are also available for people of all ages and all abilities. The Community Development team specializes in educating and raising awareness about the issues facing people with disabilities.

In addition to those programs, Calgary SCOPE also provides a Gateways service to help parents of children with developmental disabilities connect with community resources. They also provide counseling for people of all ages.

ClearView selects the Charity–of–the–Month by random draw from a group of organizations nominated by members of the community through the ClearView website or by mail. Winners are featured on the ClearView site.

To learn more about the ClearView Charity–of–the–Month program, visit the ClearView website at http://www.clearviewplumbing.ca/charity-of-the-month/.

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